Bullettrain Udon closing Dec. 20

Thank you Town & Country for giving us an opportunity to try our Japanese Udon Pop-up concept at the Central Market Shoreline!

It was a great success amongst the Central Market Shoreline customers and we are very grateful for all the support we received, both from our loyal customers and all Central Market employees. However, we feel it is time for us to step away from this location so we can focus on what’s next for our business.

Please check our website for our next chapter of Bullettrain Udon, as we are actively pursuing new opportunities and looking for new location to reach out to more customers in 2022.

Bullettrain Udon Team

Noodles are to Japanese as hamburgers are to Americans. Although a variety of noodles are eaten in almost every region of Japan, Kagawa Prefecture (known in ancient times as Sanuki), is famous for the wheat-flour noodles known as Sanuki Udon. It is a style that has more firm and chewy mouthfeel.
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